Youth Ministry

Calling all High School Youth! We invite you to join our new Youth Ministry. YM looks great of college applications, it gives you service opportunities, and it will support your yearning to grow in faith.

Our goal is to provide you with a safe environment where you are not afraid or discouraged to ask questions about God or about any topic or issue that is relevant to your life.

YM is meant to be a fun and an enriching experience.

We meet twice a month. On the Second Sunday of the Month we have our sessions in our parish hall from 6pm-7:30pm (mass at 5pm). These sessions are composed of three 30minute components: Dinner, Discussion, and Play. Then we also meet on one specified Saturday within the month. This meeting can either be onsite or offsite. YM is lead our DRE.

The Second Sunday of the Month

Dinner: we start with sharing a meal together (usually I order pizza and have some snacks and drinks). I am open to having themed meals (e.g. Nacho night, spaghetti night, hamburger night…etc.). This is your time to unwind and catch up with your friends while sharing a meal.

Discussion:  The goal is to address High School related issues or topics. For example: peer pressure, bullying, sex, drugs and alcohol, body image, does God love me?, why don’t my parents understand?, or what is Sin?…etc. The topics can be your choice. This is your ministry, a ministry for the youth, your input holds a lot of weight.

Play: We end our session with either a board game, card game, or an active interaction game. This is when most of the laughter happens. :). Example of what has been played in the past: spoons,  apples to apples, everyone’s it…etc.

Specified Saturday of the Month

Our Saturday meetings can either be onsite or offsite depending on what we are doing. The goal is to use this time to do service opportunities or to just have fun together. For example, one Saturday we might be onsite baking cupcakes and cookies to sale after Sunday mass to raise money for a charity. Another Saturday we might meet at the mall and play a YM twist on a scavenger hunt then go watch a movie together.  Or, we can go to a local beach, or do a charity walk…etc. Saturdays are limited only by our imagination.

Come join us!

Announcement: In order to accommodate our youth who are in sports this semester, we have moved our regular First Monday of the month meeting to the Second Sunday of the month.

If you are a Parent/ Guardian and have any questions or concerns please email me at or call me at 415-2342 Ext. 20

Because the topics we discuss are intended for a mature audience, if you have an eighth grader who would like to join us that is fine as long as I get parent/guardian permission.

YM Permission and Health Form

Meetings in October

Event: Freight Feast (Six Flags)

Date: Saturday, October 28th

Time: 3:30pm- 8:30pm

Location: 1001 Fairgrounds Dr, Vallejo, CA 

Meeting place: St. Anselm Church parking lot 3:30pm

Price: Free (Please bring your own lunch or money for lunch)