Father William Brown


414-453-2342 x 15

Deacon Ed Cunningham

Permanent Deacon


Deacon Robert Meave

Permanent Deacon


Deacon Bernie O’Halloran

Permanent Deacon



Sissy Ratto

Parish Secretary

415-453-2342 x10

Dan Veto

Director of Religious Education & Faith Formation

415-453-2342 x 20

Kim Orendorff

Principal of St. Anselm School

415-454-8667 x 18

Parish Pastoral Council (PPC)

PARISH PASTORAL COUNCIL: (v) The Parish Pastoral Council is an advisory board to the Pastor on pastoral planning, developing pastoral programs and improving pastoral services. Membership is by appointment of the Pastor.

Finance Council

FINANCE COUNCILS: (s) for Parish and School.
Selected by the administration. Oversees operating budgets, expenses, savings, fundraising campaigns etc. Strictly as an advisory board for the Pastor and/or Principal.
Coordinator: Fr. Brown, Pastor (415) 453-2342 x 15
Time Commitment: Quarterly meetings Sept.-June
Parish Finance Council, under the direction of Fr. Brown, Pastor:

Steve Easley, Chairman

Michael Wagner

Bob Meave