Father William Brown


414-453-2342 x 15

Deacon Ed Cunningham

Permanent Deacon


Deacon Robert Meave

Permanent Deacon


Deacon Bernie O’Halloran

Permanent Deacon



Sissy Ratto

Parish Secretary

415-453-2342 x10


Director of Religious Education & Faith Formation

415-453-2342 x 20

Kim Orendorff

Principal of St. Anselm School

415-454-8667 x 18

Parish Pastoral Council (PPC)

PARISH PASTORAL COUNCIL: (v) The Parish Pastoral Council is an advisory board to the Pastor on pastoral planning, developing pastoral programs and improving pastoral services. Membership is by appointment of the Pastor.
Coordinator: Fr. Brown, Pastor (415) 453-2342 x 15
Time commitment: one meeting per month & events.
Under the Direction of Fr. Brown, Pastor:

Steve McGee, President of PPC

Diane Blackman

Pat Miller

Elise Brinck

George Antar

Joan Mann Thomas

Lisa Dal Gallo

Finance Council

FINANCE COUNCILS: (s) for Parish and School.
Selected by the administration. Oversees operating budgets, expenses, savings, fundraising campaigns etc. Strictly as an advisory board for the Pastor and/or Principal.
Coordinator: Fr. Brown, Pastor (415) 453-2342 x 15
Time Commitment: Quarterly meetings Sept.-June
Parish Finance Council, under the direction of Fr. Brown, Pastor:

Steve Easley, Chairman

Michael Wagner

Bob Meave